Northwest Parkway St. Louis

Vector145SmallWelcome to the Northwest Parkway web site. Here you can learn about the project, get the latest updates, and provide your input.

Northwest Parkway is a transportation project that will look at creating an improved, more reliable connection between the residential areas of North St. Louis County and employment centers in the Earth City and Riverport areas. The existing link, consisting largely of two-lane roads in the Missouri River floodplain, is subject to unpredictable flood-related road closures. The closures cause unreliable travel conditions and traffic disruptions. 

The current project will identify a transportation alternative that will:

  • Eliminate flood-related detours between Charbonier Road and Earth City Expressway;
  • Address capacity needs in northwestern St. Louis County;
  • Enhance safety along St. Louis County roadways in the study area; and
  • Provide access to the economic opportunities within St. Louis County.


St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic is sponsoring the project, in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

Project Progress

Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Parkway Project.

We appreciate your patience. St. Louis County's identification of the draft Preferred Alternative will be announced in late August. FHWA approval of the Draft Enviromental Impact Statement (DEIS) will not occur until later this fall.

To review the project's Reasonable Alternatives, please click here; and to review the Reasonable Alternatives' impacts, please click here.

 Please send comments to: 

Mr. Adam Spector
St. Louis County Dept. of Highways & Traffic
Div. of Highway Planning
1050 N. Lindbergh
St. Louis, MO 63132